Local Programs:

Extraordinary Extras tutors at-risk middle school students 2 days a week in Norman, OK. Over the summer, we host a fun incentive-based book club with middle school students. We hope to expand our local programs in the near future to work with foster kids. Additionally we may be expanding our local programs to other cities, including Chicago.

Extraordinary Extras Fun Education to Fight Poverty in the Philippines Challenge


The definition of extra is beyond necessary or usual. In the US, we have all kinds of extra things that go far beyond what is necessary for us to live, yet so many of us live ordinary lives. We take advantage of all of the wonderful things we are given, and we get into our routines. I challenge you to start doing things to make yours and others' lives extraordinary. Start reading, hiking, volunteering, helping others, donating to this cause, going on mission trips, and doing things you have thought about doing but never done.

Global Dream:

EXTRAORDINARY EXTRAS wants to create the coolest, most unique, most interactive public libraries in the world for the people who need them the most: the people without access to books, the people who don't know how to read, the homeless, the poor, the kids who beg on the street. We want our libraries in places where reading and learning are not part of the culture, where poverty is high. We will make reading fun!What if these kids were rewarded with new adventures for learning something new? What if a child would get to do gymnastics if she read a book? What ifteenagers were rewarded for tutoring younger students in the community? Why does education have to be boring? What if it was EXTRAORDINARY?